"When some of my friends have asked me anxiously about their boys, whether they should let them hunt, I have answered, yes - remembering that it was one of the best parts of my education - make them hunters."

Henry David Thoreau, 1854

“A citizen who shirks his duty to contribute to the security of his community is little better than the criminal who threatens it.” - Robert Boatman

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

INFORMED GUN OWNERS CONFERENCE ------Pro Second-Amendment Committee-----

Since this is an election year for District 51 School Board, this year's Pro Second Amendment Committee Informed Gun Owners Conference will be a forum for all the candidates.

This will be at 1:00 p.m. October 5 at Sherwood Park, Juniper Shelter. Refreshments will be served. The public is invited.

For further information, contact Sharon Armstrong (970) 234-5557.