"When some of my friends have asked me anxiously about their boys, whether they should let them hunt, I have answered, yes - remembering that it was one of the best parts of my education - make them hunters."

Henry David Thoreau, 1854

“A citizen who shirks his duty to contribute to the security of his community is little better than the criminal who threatens it.” - Robert Boatman

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

JERRY'S OUTDOOR SPORTS---Grand Junction Colorado

Jerry' New Location from across the street (where he used to be)
Jerry's new front doors
Jerry & Renee

Some of the inventory

A look down the Rifle wall

The other rifle wall

A couple of nifty elk just hangin' out

Jerry's is on the level this photo is not.The new store is well stocked and getting better

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wildlife theives *

Two men from Tennessee were caught stealing wildlife from the citizens of Colorado--

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. - Two men from Tennessee were sentenced in Garfield County Court earlier this month for their role in a felony, bear poaching incident in August.

Harley Boss Manley, 51, of Martin, Tenn., pleaded guilty to a charge of killing a black bear before Sept. 1- the start of the fall, bear hunting season. He was given a mandatory five-year suspension of his hunting privileges, a two-year deferred prison sentence for felony willful destruction, forfeit his bow, ordered to pay a fine of $4,000 and donate $6,000 to Operation Game Thief, a Colorado tip line for wildlife infractions. In addition, the Garfield County judge ordered that Manley be placed under supervised probation.

David Ronnie Coleman, 62, of Union City, Tenn., also pleaded guilty to killing a black bear before Sept. 1, and received a mandatory five-year suspension of his hunting privileges. He was fined $3,000 and ordered to donate $4,000 to OGT.

In exchange for their guilty pleas, the judge dropped additional felony charges of tampering with evidence and other misdemeanor charges against both men.

"This was a serious offense these two men committed," said Perry Will, Area Wildlife Manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife in Glenwood Springs. "It took considerable man-hours and investigation to bring them to justice and my officer is to be commended for his excellent work in this case."